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ARK Law provides advice on compliance for insurance companies and other financial institutions, including in relation to:

  • The operation of insurance companies under the Danish Financial Business Act

  • Cross-border insurance activities and the setting up of branches

  • The Danish Insurance Mediation Act/IDD (the Insurance Distribution Directive)

  • GDPR

  • Verification of insurance terms

  • Rules on good practice


ARK Law has many years of experience advising insurance companies, insurance brokers and financial institutions on compliance.

Over the years, our attorneys have provided advice on both the establishment of branch activities and cross-border insurance business, and advising on a wide variety of issues covered by the Danish Financial Business Act.

We have assisted in the preparation of contracts on cooperation agreements and insurance mediation and provided advice on the new Insurance Mediation Act (IDD) on a continuous basis.

In addition, over the years ARK's attorneys have assisted with the preparation, translation and verification of insurance terms within all industries, as well as providing extensive advice on good practice.

At ARK Law, we are a team of six attorneys and assistant attorneys who all advise on compliance.


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