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General liability and product liability

ARK Law are specialists in

  • General liability and product liability insurance

  • Environmental and contamination insurance

  • Recall insurance


We have comprehensive experience of handling all aspects relating to general liability and product liability insurance, both as regards to issues of insurance cover and liability in damages.


We have many years of experience working with general liability and product liability insurance and with assessing the many different insurance law issues that may apply. Our team has conducted a number of leading cases in the area and often provides seminars and external lectures on various subjects within general liability insurance, product liability insurance and the most recent case law. We have in-depth knowledge of general insurance terms and the various individual terms applicable to the area.

We specialise in the law of damages and non-contractual damages and all adjacent legal areas, including contract law, the law of obligations, construction law, the law of sales, civil procedure and international civil law (governing law and venue).


Once insurance cover has been confirmed, we assist with assessing the claim and represent the business against the claimant.

Insight into and understanding of technical issues, onus of proof rules and preservation of evidence are of vital importance to such cases. Our team is highly skilled in these disciplines, as well as on shedding light on the technical issues regarding relevance to the case during an expert valuation. Moreover, our attorneys have many years of experience conducting legal proceedings and arbitration cases in the area.

We handle simple as well as complex and large-scale cases, including international cases, and we prepare legal opinions and handle claims. We are also highly experienced in monitoring large linked cases where our team of specialists assists with project management, ongoing assessment and advisory services.


Our team also advises on environmental and contamination insurance as well as recall insurance.

Our clients include Danish and foreign insurance companies, insurance brokers and insurance mediators, captives, businesses, organisations and public authorities.

At ARK Law, we are a team of five attorneys and assistant attorneys who all advise on general liability and product liability.


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