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About us

ARK Law is Denmark's largest specialised law office within insurance law and the law of damages.

We are dedicated to providing comprehensive advice to the insurance and pension industries, commercial businesses and public authorities.

We are pleased with our profile as the leading boutique law firm in the area of insurance and law of damages, and ARK's partners and attorneys are among the best in Denmark in their field and often function as speakers.


Our communication is straightforward, and we strive to supply clear and comprehensible advice of the calibre to our clients. At the same time, we take pride in understanding the businesses and needs of our clients. Our advice is always tailored to ensure that it is relevant to the individual client, and we seek to obtain the best possible outcome in close cooperation with the client.


Our attorneys are highly specialised in conducting lawsuits, arbitration proceedings and cases before complaints boards within our areas of expertise, and we frequently conduct cases of a highly complicated nature and with a large financial or fundamental importance. Consequently, we are experienced in handling complex and technical issues, and we are experts in civil procedure.

We seek to devise a detailed strategy early in a case, including in relation to preservation of evidence, assessment of risks and settlement possibilities. We continually adjust the strategy in consultation with our client to obtain the optimum result and to ensure that the allocated reserve is adjusted accordingly.


Our primary focus is on the Danish market. However, we also have international vision and a good deal of experience assisting and dealing with international cases, as well as an extensive international network to draw on to the benefit of our clients.


We advise Danish and international insurance and pension companies, public authorities, financial institutions, corporations and insurance brokers.

Our vision

We will continue to be Denmark's largest specialist law firm within the insurance and law of damages, and the preferred adviser to the Danish insurance and pension sector. Our success criterion for each case is to generate added value for our clients while striving to make complicated matters simpler.

Our values

We are accessible, attentive and results-oriented, and for us it is a matter of course that all assignments are resolved professionally and at the highest quality level regardless of the size or nature of the case.


A positive work atmosphere with professional feedback and great support for the law firm's social events carry value for the law firm and form an integral part of our DNA. This is something we are proud of, and it makes going to work fun.

We safeguard our independence as attorneys. Trustworthiness is an important aspect of our fundamental values and our reputation, and we are uncompromising and professional in our consulting.

Finally, we are conscious of the fact that we often represent the financially strongest party in a conflict, and this is included as a parameter in our advice and conduct.

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